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A lot of beautiful writing, inspirational quotes, and creative projects end up on Instagram. And it was one of these inspiring posts that caught my eye a few years ago and introduced me to the 100 day project. In 2018, I decided to participate.

For 100 days, I wrote short notes of 100 characters or less. Most were about mindset, personal growth, and self-discovery. One was about guacamole.

I took each daily note and created a square tile with my text. Then I added a colorful background and posted it to Instagram. I wanted to put my project out there, but I never shared the process behind how I came up with my daily posts.

Most of my notes were ultra-condensed versions of thoughts and ideas I had already written about in my journal. After reading through a journal entry, I’d come up with the most concise way to describe what I had written. And that summary became my 100 characters for the day.

Ultimately, this project didn’t inspire me to act, change, or shift a behavior. Instead, it was the result of a lot of thinking, reflecting, and self-awareness. A process that I’ve continued to build on since those first 100 days.

I gave this project the name Mosaic Notes because when you single out one tile within a mosaic, it doesn’t mean anything on its own. A single day, one journal entry, or a particular outcome is not all you need for self-discovery.

You need all the pieces, even the tiny ones, to make up that mosaic. And when you put all of those moments together, then they create something meaningful.

mosaic notes: 100 days of 100 characters

“We are a mosaic of our daily lives. A sum of proud moments, tiny mistakes, mile markers, and small steps.” (Day #100)

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