mosaic notes: the 100 day project


A lot of beautiful writing, inspirational quotes, and creative projects end up on Instagram. And it was one of these inspiring posts that caught my eye a few years ago and introduced me to the 100 day project. In 2018, I decided to participate. For 100 [...]

mosaic notes: the 100 day project2021-05-14T16:44:22+00:00

don’t follow someone else’s training plan


Let's say you recently signed up for a race. You get back into a weekly training schedule - running, going to the gym. Things are good. And then a little voice speaks up. Is this really what you want to be doing? Why would you sign [...]

don’t follow someone else’s training plan2021-05-14T16:00:53+00:00

get outside your comfort zone


Our past experiences do a good job of creating a comfort zone. In this comfort zone, we know what to expect. There are no risks to take, no challenges to face, and no mistakes to make. Eventually, we might find ourselves in a situation that makes [...]

get outside your comfort zone2021-05-14T16:15:54+00:00

mountain corgi


recognize the size of the mountain you’re climbing; screw what everyone else thinks. Orion became a member of the trail running community when he was a puppy. Just a few weeks after we brought him home, Paul put on his first Off Road Pursuits event. On [...]

mountain corgi2021-05-14T16:22:35+00:00

endurance training: lessons for life


When you commit to training for an endurance event, like an Ironman, you find a way to keep going. When you’re tired, you keep going. When you’re bored, you keep going. When you don’t want to keep going, you keep going. Training even when you don’t [...]

endurance training: lessons for life2021-05-14T16:42:40+00:00
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