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practice staying in the moment (with books)


I've found that no matter what I'm doing, my "go go go'' personality tends to show up and hurry me to imaginary finish lines. I'll start a workout and immediately think about what I'll do once it's over. I'll start cooking a recipe and want to [...]

practice staying in the moment (with books)2021-05-13T15:37:20+00:00

how to train like a badass


Many people are capable of carrying out incredible feats of endurance and strength. We read about them in magazines, watch films about their adventures, and daydream about what it would be like to do something "like that." Something badass. Well, around here, we don't believe that [...]

how to train like a badass2021-05-13T15:43:04+00:00

tracking your to be read (tbr) book list with trello


There are many different ways to keep track of the books you want to read—spreadsheets, notebooks, Goodreads, a running list in your brain, etc. I've used Goodreads in the past, but these days I track my TBR list (to be read list) with Trello. Before I [...]

tracking your to be read (tbr) book list with trello2021-05-13T15:49:02+00:00

tracking your workouts with training peaks, strava, and garmin


With so many devices and apps available that will track your training, it's not hard to find something that will do the job. But the bigger challenge could be finding the right device, app, or system that works best for you. Before we dig into using [...]

tracking your workouts with training peaks, strava, and garmin2021-05-13T15:57:09+00:00

year in review: 2020 training


This year, I did some reflecting on both my reading and training habits. Before I looked back over my 2020 reading list, I knew that I'd kept up a fairly steady reading rhythm and had read consistently for most of the year. I wasn't as enthusiastic [...]

year in review: 2020 training2021-05-13T16:02:42+00:00

year in review: 2020 reading list


After looking back through my 2020 Reading List, and I noticed a few things. It was a bit of a slow start, but once March (and the pandemic hit), I pretty much averaged four or more books each month. I ended up with fewer books than [...]

year in review: 2020 reading list2021-05-13T16:07:26+00:00

2021 reading list


2021 summary (...so far) books authors audiobooks fiction nonfiction dnf this year, I'm tracking two things on my reading list: a 3-word description of each book a cross-training "workout" (a related book, article, blog post, movie, TV show, podcast, product, etc.) [...]

2021 reading list2021-11-15T20:18:42+00:00

tackling bad habits (knowledge isn’t action)


On a recent run, I was listening to the Staying In podcast with Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani. Emily, an ex-therapist, said something (related to tackling bad habits) that made me stop in the middle of the trail: “Insight doesn’t equal behavior change.” It made [...]

tackling bad habits (knowledge isn’t action)2021-05-13T16:18:30+00:00

creating a stay-at-home daily routine


You know that saying how we're "creatures of habit." Yeah, there's a reason why that's a thing. We run on routines and habits. I run on routines and habits. When my routines and habits went missing like a shelf-full of toilet paper, I went to work [...]

creating a stay-at-home daily routine2021-05-13T16:49:59+00:00
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